Turn and Face The Sun!

Spring is Here! As the sweet song bird tweets it’s song, it can be easy to spot beauty all around us. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, days are getting longer and brighter and for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, sunshine is becoming a more frequent occurrence instead of a far off vision.

Spring brings with it the feeling of new beginnings, new life and perhaps even a fresh perspective. There is a common saying…”turn and face the sun”. We see flowers and plants do this on a regular basis to gain the vitality and life force that allows them to reach their full potential.

We too can turn and face the sun and reach for our full potential. Humanity has for eons of time been honed to focus on the negative. Some folks take it to an art form regurgitating over and over that which hasn’t worked out so smoothly and have created a less than desirable outcome only to experience the same unwanted experience time and again because of this constant regurgitation. This of course can be a very common theme among the masses. If we were to take that same intense energy that has been used to focus on the negative, surely we could start to focus on the positive and create more positive experience in our life instead!

Well, one would think that an alteration in our focus would create remarkable results. Unfortunately, many that do focus on the positive do so from a place of negative resistance, focusing on the positive only because they do not want the negative experiences in their lives. What is wrong with that you might say? Well, when we focus on the positive in order to get away from the negative we are merely giving the negative more energy as we are attempting our shift based on our fears. How else can we do it is of course the next logical question.

Instead of resisting those experiences that we do not want in our lives, lets start focusing on experiences that actually create a feeling of happiness, joy, fun, etc…basically things that feel good…and continue to look for things that make us feel good just for the sake of feeling good…then we are deliberately choosing to feel good out of just plain old feeling good! It is really truly amazing how much this simple choice of feeling good can change your whole outlook and your entire way of being!

So at night when you retire and in the morning when you awake from your slumber, choose to look for things that surround you that make you feel good. The sun shining or the birds singing. the beautiful surroundings that you have. The joyous family that you have. The wonderful friends that you have and notice that “feel good” feeling that is going on inside of you when you start to do this. At first it might feel like a small glow and as you continue to feed this small glow with more happy thoughts it starts to grow in size until joy and happiness takes over your entire demeanor!

When a thought or experience creeps into your awareness acknowledge it for what it is and then get back to looking for things that make you feel good and before you know it you will be singing with the birds in the tree tops and shining like the flowers that choose to turn and face the sun! How is your suntan coming along?

Until Next Time,
Conscious Creator…


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The Field of the Heart

As the years go by and I am exposed to greater levels of understanding, much of what I have learned falls away to expose a greater sense of knowing and being. No longer is it necessary to visualize, quantify, do and act from a place of urgency. I am learning that as I maintain connection to my heart space and stay in the presence of this moment, my point of perception changes and in so doing my point of attraction changes.

How do I maintain the feeling of being in my heart space in which all potential realities and possibilities are within reach for me to explore? That is of course the million dollar question! Or is it Trillion! I have found that as I accept myself more, honour myself more and become more at ease with who I am, loving all aspects of who I am, I have been able to do the same with those around me. I am not saying of course that I have this figured out 100%…not at all…I am moving along moment to moment reminding myself that I have choice. I have the choice to feel good…feel the love…feel the joy…or feel that which is not so good, loving or joyful…It is really up to me how I choose to perceive things.

It is easy to focus on what is directly in front of you. Be it the guy that cut you off in traffic or the prickle bush that you have just fallen into. (I just did that a while a ago…) Blaming outside of ourselves and sometimes in that moment…boy does it feel good to vent on someone else or something else. When we again align with our center we see that really it is all about us. Once again we have the choice…do we allow a small incident to alter our mood and shift our consciousness out of our state of bliss and perpetuate a downward spiral that continues to pick up momentum until such a time when we hit the wall at full speed? Or do we stop regroup and find that stillness and peace that we choose to perpetuate into an exhilarating sensation of bliss and wonderment where all we can see all around us is beautiful inspiring wonderful visions that allow us to further connect to that heart space of full potential.

As a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, I have been trained to consciously choose to stay in my heart space knowing that when I stay in this space greater shifts in my reality are presented to me which further perpetuates my understanding that the field of the heart is the place to be. When in this state of love, accessing the morphic field of potential becomes second nature as we are no longer “doing” something. We are being that which we are… multidimensional beings blending with the multi-verses…that are here to offer us the knowledge and understanding that there is really no one way to be no one way to access information and no one way is the be all end all of reality.

When we strip away labels and understand that everything is just a potential experience we can release the need to hold ourselves to a particular reality and open ourselves up to experiencing maximum potential choices. In the end it is all up to us how we choose to experience our realities. I choose to experience my days from the field of my heart. Staying in bliss and joy as much as possible and taking each moment as it comes ever fresh and new waiting for me to give it my unique spin and perspective.

Until Next Time,
Conscious Creator…


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Embracing that which lies within…

Each day brings with it new experiences and adventures that may not necessarily resonate joy and love. As we continue to recognize our greatness and our true potential we can start to integrate how all that we see is merely a mirror of our own inner state of being. As we come to embrace our feelings, our moods, our beliefs and our multi-dimensional selves, we develop the understanding that with each and every feeling there is potential for new growth and new creations.

As we integrate the knowledge that how we feel is a direct link to that which we experience in our outer reality, it is possible to start to redefine how our days, weeks, months and years unfold. Understanding that we are truly remarkable creatures capable of creating anything we desire is a grand step towards harnessing our true potential and stepping into the shoes of our greatness.

We are not merely creatures of habit; we are beings of light far beyond conventional thought and understanding. Humanities evolutionary process brings about contemplation at a core level in order to truly understand and transform consciousness. As we develop a sense of conscious awareness for all of our actions and feelings, our life experiences are filled with excitement and inspiration beyond the typical day to day reality.

Once we truly align with the understanding that we create our realities through our feeling body we are able to transform every aspect of our lives to bring about greater peace, joy, happiness and inspiration. In learning all that there is to learn about ourselves and embracing all that we are, we are able to objectively move through reality with ease and grace taking responsibility for all of our actions. In so doing we create the space for others to join us aligning with our true potential.

Until Next Time,
Conscious Creator…


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Awakening The Healer Within.

We are all multidimensional beings in an energetic universe. Everything we think feel and do creates a vibration that sends out a signal to the universe. This Quantum field of energy responds to what we already resonate to and offers more of the same. So…when we change what we send out to the universe in terms of feelings, beliefs and thought patterns, we are able to then alter our existing and future reality. When we focus within for our own healing and alignment and in turn shift our consciousness and our energy field we are creating change and in the process become healed, whole aligned with our true nature and in so doing, alterations in our reality occur.

When we have the conscious understanding that everything that we feel, think and do has a direct effect on our reality, there is greater clarity on the journey of self healing. In a society that has been geared to be victimized and blame outside of ourselves for that which we experience, it can be challenging to start looking within for answers. That profound shift from blaming the outer world for our perceived challenges, mishaps and all around “bad” luck, to taking responsibility for our actions on all levels is the key to moving forward in self healing and alignment with our greatness.

When we take this level of responsibility and apply it to every area of our lives including our health and well-being, we offer ourselves a priceless gift. Understanding that our health and well-being is really an inside job and that we attract into our realities those people, places, things, times and events that best mirror to us our resonant field, is the first step in moving towards a healthier attitude which in turn creates a healthier body and state of well being.

By changing how we view our world and all that is within it, we can alter how we respond to it through a change in attitude and feelings. Changing our feelings and attitude first and coming from a place of empowerment and strength when reaching out to others allows us to attract the perfect facilitator to encourage greater development of that inner healer, leading to a more joyous and healthful reality.

Until Next Time,

Conscious Creator…


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What is the Law of Attraction? A brief summary…

There is a lot of talk and information on the Net these days about the Law of Attraction. Yet do we really understand at the core level what this really means? If you are not attracting “it” into your life then you must not know how to attract “it” into your life…so how do you learn to attract “it” into your life?

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is a descriptive format for how we create our reality and what we continue to experience as a result of what we are sending out in the from of emotions, or “vibes” (vibrations) into the universe, or our world at large. To understand the Law of Attraction it might serve us to break it down into segments.

Having a look at what we are presently attracting in terms of how we feel is the first step and the easiest way to ascertain what we are giving our energy to and how it is flowing in our reality. If we are perpetually unhappy then we will continue to “attract” situations into our lives that will continue to offer us feelings of unhappiness. If we are continuously angry we will continue to attract into our realities situations that will trigger more of the same and thus the “vicious” circle continues.

So, how do we shift our focus? How do we step out of a cycle of sadness, grief, victimization, or any other experience that we choose to shift out of? Well, that brings us to the second step…recognizing what we do want to create. If we don’t know what we choose to experience in our lives and how those things make us feel then we will be sending mixed signals out into the universe…not unlike a new couple dating and testing the waters of a potential relationship…asking new questions of this potential mate and contemplating if what we are hearing from our potential new mate is in alignment with what we want. .It is truly important to assess exactly what we want. If we don’t know what we want we will continue to send out diluted intentions and consequently we will experience a diluted form of what we were hoping for. In other words, we must be 100% clear as to what we want to experience and we must also ascertain how those things we want make us feel.

If we want a brand new house for example, then what would some of the potential feelings be that are associated with a brand new house? For some it might be stability for others a sense of ownership, pride accomplishment and success. Once we establish how a new house might make us feel we are more informed about what some of the emotions we might have attached to a brand new house. This is where it can become very interesting. Now that we know what the emotions are we can start to connect with our memory bank of emotions to tap into and remember how these emotions feel and then bring those emotions into our experience as often as we can in order to perpetuate and amplify those emotions to build a vortex of energy that will then behave like a beacon sending out the signal to bring more of that emotion into your experience.

As we continue to add to this emotional vortex on a daily basis, as often as we can really, only feeling what we want to create not looking back on how it will happen when it will happen or if it will happen we will start to see differences in our reality pop up in a random way yet always bringing with it a reminder that these new experiences are a result of your vortex of emotion that you have been building upon. As we continue to recognize these new changes in our reality and continue to affirm “yes” my desires are multiplying and “yes” I am in charge of my destiny, we continue to add to the vortex and the more add to it the large it becomes until on day…down the road…all of a sudden for some…you will be standing in that brand new house or whatever it is that you wanted to create.

It is all a matter of choosing to focus on what you want to create with out adding the. But….But…But…
We have been conditioned to focus on what we don’t want and this has created lots of what we don’t want. In that same way we can condition ourselves to focus on what we do want. The key of course is to recognize how what we do want makes us feel and then do our best in whatever way possible to find things that bring those feelings into our lives on a daily basis.
Creating our reality can be easy if we allow ourselves to climb out of the boxes that we have chosen to live with in and step into a new level of understanding with the trust that different thinking and feeling just may be the ticket to a brand new life not just a brand new house!

Until Next Time…

Conscious Creator


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The Beginning

I decided to create a blog for the purpose of sharing my personal experience and journey of consciously creating my reality and the steps I have taken to do so. I have no specific goal to achieve other than sharing my experiences and perhaps in that sharing a quantum spark of awareness will occur for you.

I originally chose to offer this blog anonymously, thereby eliminating racism, age-ism, gender-ism, and any other ism that may be lurking out there in the mass consciousness of society. Perceiving that you, the reader, would be able to integrate the information free of any preconceived perceptions that you may have lingering in your conscious, unconscious or subconscious. However, having had greater insights into my own journey and recognizing that everyone will have their own perspectives regardless of my perspectives, I have decided to come clean and be recognized for the blog that I write.

So, welcome to my blog…Consciously Creating…You can also find me at my website http://www.consciouslycreating101.com to learn more about me and what I share with the world at large.

So, what is conscious creation anyway? In my understanding, conscious creation is the self-awareness to recognize how our feelings, vibrations, intentions and thought processes actually send out messages to the universe at large and in turn the universe sends back to us the experiences that directly mirror those feelings vibrations, intentions and thought processes to catalyze us into greater awareness along our journey to enlightenment.

It is a whole lot easier than it sounds. Simply put: you get what you feel. What do I mean by that? Well, what ever dominant feeling is coursing through your emotional body is the creating force of your reality. So if you are predominantly miserable, you will continue to send out signals to the universe which will in turn send back experiences that will continue to fulfill your miserable state of being. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?
It really is that simple. The part that can cause great confusion and even frustration is how we go about changing a predominant feeling, which we may not necessarily like, that has been running our reality into one that we would prefer.

I understood the key principles on an intellectual level almost instantly, once I experienced a situation in my life that I perceived as “hitting rock bottom”: A relationship that was absolutely disastrous and emotionally crippling for my heart and my ego. I won’t go into the details of the experience because those details really are not as important as the fact that they were the catalyst to propel me to look deeper into my reality and why I was attracting destructive relationships. The experience left me so emotionally crippled and confused that I actually had the epiphany of realizing that there must have been something I was doing to attract such experiences into my reality. And from that moment onward, I was on a quest, a quest to understand the nature of reality; I just hadn’t realized the magnitude of what I was getting into.

All I knew and understood at the time was that something I was doing was attracting a reality that I didn’t like and that if I was to experience a different reality then I had to change. What I had to change was, at that point in time, out of my awareness. That knowing that something had to change was what propelled me to move forward to understand the nature of conscious creation. What wasn’t so instantaneous was making those changes and understanding how to go about creating a reality that brought me what I wanted. Which of course over time led me to write this blog to share with you, dear creator, how I came to understand the nature of Conscious Creation.
Over the course of an undetermined amount of time, I will share in different blog postings, different experiences that have assisted me in truly understanding the nature of Conscious Creation and perhaps in that sharing, a spark may shine within you to become more aware of your creations.

Until next time,
Conscious Creator


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