Passing on and crossing over…

It has been some time since I have offered a posting. Life has a way of taking over and sometimes things get pushed aside until the opportune time comes along to be presented; a moment when a pure stream of consciousness lends itself to inspired thought and new creation.

Today is that day…for me…A relative of mine crossed over to the non physical side of creation yesterday. It is truly an emotional experience for all those who were touched by this beautiful soul that embodied grace and kindness.  A loved one’s passing can be experienced in many ways. Many view points of crossing over are well established in our society. Do we grieve for the loss of one we cherished? Do we mourn for days, weeks, months or years on end holding on with a tight grip? Or do we let go knowing that the spirit and essence that we loved and love so much and is no longer embodied in our reality is continuing on a journey of ever expanding consciousness and evolution on a different plane of existance?

When does creation cease? Do we stop creating once we leave a physical body? Or do we continue to create on other realms of existence? For some, there is a belief that life ends with the death of a physical body, for others there is an after life that is prepared for during the entire life span of a physical body, and for others still there is a belief of a recurring cycle of life, death and then life again in a new body with new experiences and challenges.

Regardless of your view point, what we do with in this life is up to us. It is in the way we speak, behave, feel and think that shapes our existence in this experience and beyond what we are currently capable of understanding.  Our emotionally charged perceptions mold our entire life and that of the lives that we touch.  Even if we simply existed without seeming effort on our parts, we are still sending out a powerful electromagnetic field of light and information that is interacting with every other person’s field of light and information and then creating new imprints within those fields as well as creating new fields of light and information. We are also interacting with fields of information that are being emitted from other beings from other realms of existence. All this light and information is out there for the taking to create with or not.

So…does creation ever cease? In my limited and humble ever expanding awareness? No… All of those bits of light and information are swirling on… creating new experiences and manifestations. Whether we can see, hear, taste, smell, touch or grasp this understanding does not change the fact that it is happening all around us on all levels of existence in the “here and now” and in the “great beyond”!

From what I have experienced in my unfolding and expansion…everything around us is continuously expanding and unfolding into new aspects of consciousness and awareness. So even if a loved one in this dimension of physical understanding ceases to exist, the essence and spirit body continues to expand and create in other realms of understanding in a perpetual spiral of evolution and conscious integration of all that is, all that was and all that will be.

To honor our loved ones’ in their passing, by letting them go and sending them off on their new journey freely is the most unconditional act of love that we could possible offer. Knowing that even if they are no longer in a physical form that we can touch, we can still connect with them through the ether’s of consciousness simply by connecting through the field of the heart and waiting for a response back.

By letting go…we receive so much more than we could possibly imagine or understand.

until next time…

Consciously Creating…

About consciouslycreating101

In sharing my journey of Conscious Creation, You may be ignited into a deeper awareness and desire to take a more conscious step in managing your reality.
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