Divinely Guided

After a bit of a leave of absence, I am back and ready to continue on this journey with you. While I was going through some old emails I came across an email about a photon belt and clicked through on the link which lead to an article about our planet going through a Purple Photonic Belt on September 22, 2014. I looked at the calendar and Bazinga! It was September 22, 2014. How is that for intuitive divine guidance!  I was led to that link on the day that the merge was happening so that I would be able to fully integrate the synchronicity of it all.

When we choose to be aware, to be clear and conscious, we are able to recognize that every step we take, every move we make, we are divinely guided. Yes some would like to be choosey about which moments are divinely guided and argue that there are just some things that are not! However, we are always where we need to be in order to experience all that we are experiencing in order to move forward in the next steps of our evolution.

Every single moment of our reality on this plane of existence or any plane of existence is always divinely guided. For each choice, if we care to look, offers us a morsel of evolutionary understanding, allowing us to further integrate the vastness of All That Is. When we take the time to really look, to really be aware of all that is going on and the absolute perfection of every experience we have and how miraculously everything is orchestrated for our understanding, integration and evolution, then we have that big AH HA! moment.

So, the next time you perceive that things just happen, take a step back and have a look, a really good look at how divinely guided your reality really is. If you humbly allow yourself to recognize that in creating your reality an aspect of self that has a greater perspective and awareness is always looking out for you and assisting you in lining up those divine moments so that you can get the most out of your reality you will have that AH HA! moment and from that point onward you will recognize the connectivity of All That Is.

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. Well, it takes all of creation to sculpt an aware being of light such as yourself to truly recognize that you are divinely guided and that you are Divine!

until next time,

Consciously Creating


About consciouslycreating101

In sharing my journey of Conscious Creation, You may be ignited into a deeper awareness and desire to take a more conscious step in managing your reality.
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  1. Brenda says:

    Where is the like button. Please let me know how I sign up to receive these great posts!

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