The Small Still Voice…within…

Each of us has an inner wisdom that speaks to us on a moment to moment basis, nudging, guiding, and redirecting us to those choices that serve us best. Each of us has also experienced those times when our ego-self has chosen to forgo the wisdom of the small still voice, over riding this divine order in pursuit of that which our ego believes is best for us only to find in the end that the small still voice of reason was right again!

It can be something as simple as what shoes to wear for the trek ahead to something as complex as the navigation of a well planned trip. Those gems of wisdom are offered not as a controlling force in our free will choices but rather offer insight from an “all seeing eye” vantage point that on divine levels perceives all possibilities before we even have a chance to think; and like a probability analysis, offers us the best chance forward.

This intricate understanding that we posses assists us in the smooth transition of any chosen situation, if we allow it. Or, through trial, error and possible bodily harm we learn the inevitability of the wisdom that we chose to ignore. These “Life’s Lessons” are the building blocks of our ladder of evolution and sometimes the ignoring of the wisdom that is offered is exactly what we require to heed the wisdom. For in ignoring the wisdom the crash and burn experience may be the only way for us to take a stark look at the choices we are making and shake us into awareness of just how powerful and accurate our small still voice within us actually is.

When we second guess our choices, we actually orchestrate a situation within our reality that will assist us in really harnessing the awareness of the power of our intuitive understanding. The trick is to listen to that small still voice before we create a situation in our reality that can be potentially harmful to our beings and our life.

So, the next time you find that you are second guessing your innate inner wisdom, ask your self, which voice you are listening to. The small still voice of reason? Or the Grand Ego of Deception. It is your choice how you experience your reality.  So which one do you prefer? Easy or Complicated?

I know for me, after bumping my head up against the wall enough times, I am choosing the easy road downhill, the path of least resistance.

An so, until next time, happy creating.

Conscious Creator.

About consciouslycreating101

In sharing my journey of Conscious Creation, You may be ignited into a deeper awareness and desire to take a more conscious step in managing your reality.
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1 Response to The Small Still Voice…within…

  1. freedomrealized says:

    Words of Wisdom ❤ I love it 🙂

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