Holding steadfast to your vision…

It can be easy to hold your vision when you are on your own and maintaining focus on those experiences that you choose to create without any apposing perspectives to throw you off your mark. Another thing entirely to maintain that vision when you immerse yourself in a collective consciousness that has a life of it’s own and has a focus that is directly opposite of the one you have.

I was recently preparing for an journey that typically revs me up with excitement and enthusiasm of a new adventure. This time around though, I found myself oddly fearful of certain aspects of this experience and did my best to maintain my focus on what I wanted. Part of the preparations for my adventure was to participate in a group event to fine tune some details to ensure a smooth journey. As the group event unfolded, I continued to spiral downward in an abyss of fear that I had been perpetuating for several weeks, unsure of why I was so preoccupied and fearful.

A presenter at the group event, in sharing his personal experiences as part of the lecture to assist in emphasizing his points was an instrumental catalyst to open my eyes to the culprit behind my fear.  Half way through the day and while on a break, I realized that I had been taking on the collective consciousness of the participants of the event. Perhaps it was the fact that during the break I was away from this strong pulse of fear, that was beating strongly on a subconscious level, that gave me enough space and self awareness to actually shine a light on the group paradigm that I had been hooking into for several weeks. Once I recognized that the group collective had catalyzed some unresolved issues within me, prompting me into the remnants of my own fear and preoccupation, I was able to embrace and honour those fears and subsequently “unplug” myself from the group matrix.

From that point onward  and for the rest of the event, I maintained my vision of clarity and focus amongst the heart beat of fear that many of the participants were immersed in. To be able to see so clearly through what seemed like a thick veil of foggy consciousness was truly a blessing. I was able to more acutely hone in on what the presenter was sharing and utilize all my faculties in a manner that served me best. To fully harness my understanding and awareness in the direction of creation that I chose to move in from a place of conscious awareness rather than from a place of unconscious blindness within the confines of a matrix that was stifling and debilitating was indeed a gift from the universe.

Had I not had the epiphany of awareness to recognize that I had subconsciously slipped out of my focus and fallen into a group paradigm I would not be sharing those insights here.

We often experience resistance and resentment for experiences that may have catalyzed within us feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and emotional upheaval, however, these experiences are key to our growth and evolution for in the recognition of those experiences that pull us away from our dreams were are able to see with a clearer perspective what we truly choose to create and experience.

I am grateful for having had this experience as it has offered me the opportunity to hold steadfast even more so to my dreams and visions.

Until Next Time…

Conscious Creator…


About consciouslycreating101

In sharing my journey of Conscious Creation, You may be ignited into a deeper awareness and desire to take a more conscious step in managing your reality.
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