What is the Law of Attraction? A brief summary…

There is a lot of talk and information on the Net these days about the Law of Attraction. Yet do we really understand at the core level what this really means? If you are not attracting “it” into your life then you must not know how to attract “it” into your life…so how do you learn to attract “it” into your life?

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is a descriptive format for how we create our reality and what we continue to experience as a result of what we are sending out in the from of emotions, or “vibes” (vibrations) into the universe, or our world at large. To understand the Law of Attraction it might serve us to break it down into segments.

Having a look at what we are presently attracting in terms of how we feel is the first step and the easiest way to ascertain what we are giving our energy to and how it is flowing in our reality. If we are perpetually unhappy then we will continue to “attract” situations into our lives that will continue to offer us feelings of unhappiness. If we are continuously angry we will continue to attract into our realities situations that will trigger more of the same and thus the “vicious” circle continues.

So, how do we shift our focus? How do we step out of a cycle of sadness, grief, victimization, or any other experience that we choose to shift out of? Well, that brings us to the second step…recognizing what we do want to create. If we don’t know what we choose to experience in our lives and how those things make us feel then we will be sending mixed signals out into the universe…not unlike a new couple dating and testing the waters of a potential relationship…asking new questions of this potential mate and contemplating if what we are hearing from our potential new mate is in alignment with what we want. .It is truly important to assess exactly what we want. If we don’t know what we want we will continue to send out diluted intentions and consequently we will experience a diluted form of what we were hoping for. In other words, we must be 100% clear as to what we want to experience and we must also ascertain how those things we want make us feel.

If we want a brand new house for example, then what would some of the potential feelings be that are associated with a brand new house? For some it might be stability for others a sense of ownership, pride accomplishment and success. Once we establish how a new house might make us feel we are more informed about what some of the emotions we might have attached to a brand new house. This is where it can become very interesting. Now that we know what the emotions are we can start to connect with our memory bank of emotions to tap into and remember how these emotions feel and then bring those emotions into our experience as often as we can in order to perpetuate and amplify those emotions to build a vortex of energy that will then behave like a beacon sending out the signal to bring more of that emotion into your experience.

As we continue to add to this emotional vortex on a daily basis, as often as we can really, only feeling what we want to create not looking back on how it will happen when it will happen or if it will happen we will start to see differences in our reality pop up in a random way yet always bringing with it a reminder that these new experiences are a result of your vortex of emotion that you have been building upon. As we continue to recognize these new changes in our reality and continue to affirm “yes” my desires are multiplying and “yes” I am in charge of my destiny, we continue to add to the vortex and the more add to it the large it becomes until on day…down the road…all of a sudden for some…you will be standing in that brand new house or whatever it is that you wanted to create.

It is all a matter of choosing to focus on what you want to create with out adding the. But….But…But…
We have been conditioned to focus on what we don’t want and this has created lots of what we don’t want. In that same way we can condition ourselves to focus on what we do want. The key of course is to recognize how what we do want makes us feel and then do our best in whatever way possible to find things that bring those feelings into our lives on a daily basis.
Creating our reality can be easy if we allow ourselves to climb out of the boxes that we have chosen to live with in and step into a new level of understanding with the trust that different thinking and feeling just may be the ticket to a brand new life not just a brand new house!

Until Next Time…

Conscious Creator


About consciouslycreating101

In sharing my journey of Conscious Creation, You may be ignited into a deeper awareness and desire to take a more conscious step in managing your reality.
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