Turn and Face The Sun!

Spring is Here! As the sweet song bird tweets it’s song, it can be easy to spot beauty all around us. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, days are getting longer and brighter and for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, sunshine is becoming a more frequent occurrence instead of a far off vision.

Spring brings with it the feeling of new beginnings, new life and perhaps even a fresh perspective. There is a common saying…”turn and face the sun”. We see flowers and plants do this on a regular basis to gain the vitality and life force that allows them to reach their full potential.

We too can turn and face the sun and reach for our full potential. Humanity has for eons of time been honed to focus on the negative. Some folks take it to an art form regurgitating over and over that which hasn’t worked out so smoothly and have created a less than desirable outcome only to experience the same unwanted experience time and again because of this constant regurgitation. This of course can be a very common theme among the masses. If we were to take that same intense energy that has been used to focus on the negative, surely we could start to focus on the positive and create more positive experience in our life instead!

Well, one would think that an alteration in our focus would create remarkable results. Unfortunately, many that do focus on the positive do so from a place of negative resistance, focusing on the positive only because they do not want the negative experiences in their lives. What is wrong with that you might say? Well, when we focus on the positive in order to get away from the negative we are merely giving the negative more energy as we are attempting our shift based on our fears. How else can we do it is of course the next logical question.

Instead of resisting those experiences that we do not want in our lives, lets start focusing on experiences that actually create a feeling of happiness, joy, fun, etc…basically things that feel good…and continue to look for things that make us feel good just for the sake of feeling good…then we are deliberately choosing to feel good out of just plain old feeling good! It is really truly amazing how much this simple choice of feeling good can change your whole outlook and your entire way of being!

So at night when you retire and in the morning when you awake from your slumber, choose to look for things that surround you that make you feel good. The sun shining or the birds singing. the beautiful surroundings that you have. The joyous family that you have. The wonderful friends that you have and notice that “feel good” feeling that is going on inside of you when you start to do this. At first it might feel like a small glow and as you continue to feed this small glow with more happy thoughts it starts to grow in size until joy and happiness takes over your entire demeanor!

When a thought or experience creeps into your awareness acknowledge it for what it is and then get back to looking for things that make you feel good and before you know it you will be singing with the birds in the tree tops and shining like the flowers that choose to turn and face the sun! How is your suntan coming along?

Until Next Time,
Conscious Creator…


About consciouslycreating101

In sharing my journey of Conscious Creation, You may be ignited into a deeper awareness and desire to take a more conscious step in managing your reality.
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