The Field of the Heart

As the years go by and I am exposed to greater levels of understanding, much of what I have learned falls away to expose a greater sense of knowing and being. No longer is it necessary to visualize, quantify, do and act from a place of urgency. I am learning that as I maintain connection to my heart space and stay in the presence of this moment, my point of perception changes and in so doing my point of attraction changes.

How do I maintain the feeling of being in my heart space in which all potential realities and possibilities are within reach for me to explore? That is of course the million dollar question! Or is it Trillion! I have found that as I accept myself more, honour myself more and become more at ease with who I am, loving all aspects of who I am, I have been able to do the same with those around me. I am not saying of course that I have this figured out 100%…not at all…I am moving along moment to moment reminding myself that I have choice. I have the choice to feel good…feel the love…feel the joy…or feel that which is not so good, loving or joyful…It is really up to me how I choose to perceive things.

It is easy to focus on what is directly in front of you. Be it the guy that cut you off in traffic or the prickle bush that you have just fallen into. (I just did that a while a ago…) Blaming outside of ourselves and sometimes in that moment…boy does it feel good to vent on someone else or something else. When we again align with our center we see that really it is all about us. Once again we have the choice…do we allow a small incident to alter our mood and shift our consciousness out of our state of bliss and perpetuate a downward spiral that continues to pick up momentum until such a time when we hit the wall at full speed? Or do we stop regroup and find that stillness and peace that we choose to perpetuate into an exhilarating sensation of bliss and wonderment where all we can see all around us is beautiful inspiring wonderful visions that allow us to further connect to that heart space of full potential.

As a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, I have been trained to consciously choose to stay in my heart space knowing that when I stay in this space greater shifts in my reality are presented to me which further perpetuates my understanding that the field of the heart is the place to be. When in this state of love, accessing the morphic field of potential becomes second nature as we are no longer “doing” something. We are being that which we are… multidimensional beings blending with the multi-verses…that are here to offer us the knowledge and understanding that there is really no one way to be no one way to access information and no one way is the be all end all of reality.

When we strip away labels and understand that everything is just a potential experience we can release the need to hold ourselves to a particular reality and open ourselves up to experiencing maximum potential choices. In the end it is all up to us how we choose to experience our realities. I choose to experience my days from the field of my heart. Staying in bliss and joy as much as possible and taking each moment as it comes ever fresh and new waiting for me to give it my unique spin and perspective.

Until Next Time,
Conscious Creator…

About consciouslycreating101

In sharing my journey of Conscious Creation, You may be ignited into a deeper awareness and desire to take a more conscious step in managing your reality.
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