Awakening The Healer Within.

We are all multidimensional beings in an energetic universe. Everything we think feel and do creates a vibration that sends out a signal to the universe. This Quantum field of energy responds to what we already resonate to and offers more of the same. So…when we change what we send out to the universe in terms of feelings, beliefs and thought patterns, we are able to then alter our existing and future reality. When we focus within for our own healing and alignment and in turn shift our consciousness and our energy field we are creating change and in the process become healed, whole aligned with our true nature and in so doing, alterations in our reality occur.

When we have the conscious understanding that everything that we feel, think and do has a direct effect on our reality, there is greater clarity on the journey of self healing. In a society that has been geared to be victimized and blame outside of ourselves for that which we experience, it can be challenging to start looking within for answers. That profound shift from blaming the outer world for our perceived challenges, mishaps and all around “bad” luck, to taking responsibility for our actions on all levels is the key to moving forward in self healing and alignment with our greatness.

When we take this level of responsibility and apply it to every area of our lives including our health and well-being, we offer ourselves a priceless gift. Understanding that our health and well-being is really an inside job and that we attract into our realities those people, places, things, times and events that best mirror to us our resonant field, is the first step in moving towards a healthier attitude which in turn creates a healthier body and state of well being.

By changing how we view our world and all that is within it, we can alter how we respond to it through a change in attitude and feelings. Changing our feelings and attitude first and coming from a place of empowerment and strength when reaching out to others allows us to attract the perfect facilitator to encourage greater development of that inner healer, leading to a more joyous and healthful reality.

Until Next Time,

Conscious Creator…

About consciouslycreating101

In sharing my journey of Conscious Creation, You may be ignited into a deeper awareness and desire to take a more conscious step in managing your reality.
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