Passing on and crossing over…

It has been some time since I have offered a posting. Life has a way of taking over and sometimes things get pushed aside until the opportune time comes along to be presented; a moment when a pure stream of consciousness lends itself to inspired thought and new creation.

Today is that day…for me…A relative of mine crossed over to the non physical side of creation yesterday. It is truly an emotional experience for all those who were touched by this beautiful soul that embodied grace and kindness.  A loved one’s passing can be experienced in many ways. Many view points of crossing over are well established in our society. Do we grieve for the loss of one we cherished? Do we mourn for days, weeks, months or years on end holding on with a tight grip? Or do we let go knowing that the spirit and essence that we loved and love so much and is no longer embodied in our reality is continuing on a journey of ever expanding consciousness and evolution on a different plane of existance?

When does creation cease? Do we stop creating once we leave a physical body? Or do we continue to create on other realms of existence? For some, there is a belief that life ends with the death of a physical body, for others there is an after life that is prepared for during the entire life span of a physical body, and for others still there is a belief of a recurring cycle of life, death and then life again in a new body with new experiences and challenges.

Regardless of your view point, what we do with in this life is up to us. It is in the way we speak, behave, feel and think that shapes our existence in this experience and beyond what we are currently capable of understanding.  Our emotionally charged perceptions mold our entire life and that of the lives that we touch.  Even if we simply existed without seeming effort on our parts, we are still sending out a powerful electromagnetic field of light and information that is interacting with every other person’s field of light and information and then creating new imprints within those fields as well as creating new fields of light and information. We are also interacting with fields of information that are being emitted from other beings from other realms of existence. All this light and information is out there for the taking to create with or not.

So…does creation ever cease? In my limited and humble ever expanding awareness? No… All of those bits of light and information are swirling on… creating new experiences and manifestations. Whether we can see, hear, taste, smell, touch or grasp this understanding does not change the fact that it is happening all around us on all levels of existence in the “here and now” and in the “great beyond”!

From what I have experienced in my unfolding and expansion…everything around us is continuously expanding and unfolding into new aspects of consciousness and awareness. So even if a loved one in this dimension of physical understanding ceases to exist, the essence and spirit body continues to expand and create in other realms of understanding in a perpetual spiral of evolution and conscious integration of all that is, all that was and all that will be.

To honor our loved ones’ in their passing, by letting them go and sending them off on their new journey freely is the most unconditional act of love that we could possible offer. Knowing that even if they are no longer in a physical form that we can touch, we can still connect with them through the ether’s of consciousness simply by connecting through the field of the heart and waiting for a response back.

By letting go…we receive so much more than we could possibly imagine or understand.

until next time…

Consciously Creating…

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Navel Gazing…focusing in on self mastery…

It is easy to read a book, watch a video, or take a course on personal growth and awareness. Quite another to actually apply all the valuable gifts and knowledge upon ourselves. Talking the talk and walking the walk are worlds apart and the former only gives lip service to the latter.

When we go within and assess our process, be it our well being, chronic patterns or unconscious habits, we give our selves the opportunity to shed light on an aspect of ourselves that has been left in the dark. Taking some time to withdraw from outside stimuli and centering in on our own reality allows us to reveal issues that have been buried and may be causing distress and discomfort in our experience.

Doing a bit of navel gazing allows us to check in, tune in and recognize what our body, mind, emotions and ultimately our soul is saying and what action would be best to take in order to move into a greater sense of peace, joy and alignment.

Navel Gazing in it’s truest form is as important to ones’ evolution as fresh air, nutritious food and exercise. They go hand in hand in a carefully balanced biological ecosystem that we call BEing Human. Our society is so driven on performance, success, exterior gratification and recognition that something as simple as consulting our own inner voice has gotten lost in the shuffle to get to the top of worthiness mountain.

Instead of reaching for that exterior fix, be it alcohol, drugs, food, sex, exercise or other vise that numbs our mind & body, separating us from our issues and steering us away from our inherent intuitive self healing nature, why not go within and ask the parts that are screaming for attention what is truly required for embracement, acknowledgement and ultimate transformation.

Why not take time out for yourself, in a place of peace and tranquility and do a bit of navel gazing. you will be surprised at what you can discover and how quickly transformation occurs from something so simple.

until next time,

Consciously Creating…

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Divinely Guided

After a bit of a leave of absence, I am back and ready to continue on this journey with you. While I was going through some old emails I came across an email about a photon belt and clicked through on the link which lead to an article about our planet going through a Purple Photonic Belt on September 22, 2014. I looked at the calendar and Bazinga! It was September 22, 2014. How is that for intuitive divine guidance!  I was led to that link on the day that the merge was happening so that I would be able to fully integrate the synchronicity of it all.

When we choose to be aware, to be clear and conscious, we are able to recognize that every step we take, every move we make, we are divinely guided. Yes some would like to be choosey about which moments are divinely guided and argue that there are just some things that are not! However, we are always where we need to be in order to experience all that we are experiencing in order to move forward in the next steps of our evolution.

Every single moment of our reality on this plane of existence or any plane of existence is always divinely guided. For each choice, if we care to look, offers us a morsel of evolutionary understanding, allowing us to further integrate the vastness of All That Is. When we take the time to really look, to really be aware of all that is going on and the absolute perfection of every experience we have and how miraculously everything is orchestrated for our understanding, integration and evolution, then we have that big AH HA! moment.

So, the next time you perceive that things just happen, take a step back and have a look, a really good look at how divinely guided your reality really is. If you humbly allow yourself to recognize that in creating your reality an aspect of self that has a greater perspective and awareness is always looking out for you and assisting you in lining up those divine moments so that you can get the most out of your reality you will have that AH HA! moment and from that point onward you will recognize the connectivity of All That Is.

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. Well, it takes all of creation to sculpt an aware being of light such as yourself to truly recognize that you are divinely guided and that you are Divine!

until next time,

Consciously Creating

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Enough is Enough

When is enough really enough? and how much enough is that? We each have a breaking point within us that pushes us into deeper levels of understanding, integration and ultimately transformation.

When we eventually cross over the hump of that which kept us chained to a given cycle of destruction, we are easily able to see with eyes of clarity all that led us to our weapons of mass self destruction. Yet when we are in the midst of our own war and turmoil, how do we get ourselves out of harms way long enough to see and seek the assistance of those around us for that helping hand? It can be perceived as a tough battle, a push/pull, a tug-o-war between our egos and our soul’s desire to evolve beyond the baggage that weighs us down, yet what is it that we are fighting for or against? Is it really so important to hang on to our baggage that we actually make our selves sick with anxiety and self-destruction?

Wouldn’t it be much more loving and allowing if we actually gave ourselves the attention that we so truly crave and need in order to truly evolve into those bright lights that we all know we are deep down within? Of course, the answer to that question is YES! a huge hugging YES! Why wouldn’t we want to confront that which quivers within us, lurking in the shadows of fear and insecurity and break free into a new paradigm of wellness, alignment and conscious transformation!

Oddly enough, so many of us bright beautiful beings, deny ourselves of this simple birth right of shining our lights, radiating the love that we are and even denying ourselves of that same love in favour of the harsh inner battle of self destruction. What does it get us? this inner war of emotional demoralization but further down an abyss of self despair and hopelessness to eventually lead us to a point of sheer and utter defeat. A place where we finally throw our hands up in the air, and scream to the universe at large, “I GIVE UP!” , “I am done”, “I can’t take it anymore”, and finally, “I Need Help!” Why do we push ourselves to this point of emotional strain and depletion?

Perhaps, it is only through this point of complete and utter surrender that we are able to see past our own war, past our own resistance and denial and into the loving eyes of those that have always been there to assist us, had we only been capable of perceiving beyond our inner prison. Assistance to our many woes is always available, always at the ready, be it from a team of metaphysical beings hovering in limbo waiting to assist, or our own beloved human Angels offering a hand that is always available should we dare to move beyond our own egos and weapons of self destruction long enough to reach out and say Yes! Thank you! Yes…I could use a hand….

So, if you find yourself spinning in one spot over and over again, ask yourself this: Is it worth your energy to continue in the current rut over and over again bumping your head up against the same wall getting the same bruises, or are you ready to reach out and take that helping hand that has always been there ready to assist you no matter what…

It seems like a simple concept…yet can sometimes be the most difficult step of ones evolution that could ever take place.

Reaching out beyond the chains that bind you starts from letting go, surrendering and allowing…that which has already transpired.

Until Next Time…

Consciously Creating…

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The Small Still Voice…within…

Each of us has an inner wisdom that speaks to us on a moment to moment basis, nudging, guiding, and redirecting us to those choices that serve us best. Each of us has also experienced those times when our ego-self has chosen to forgo the wisdom of the small still voice, over riding this divine order in pursuit of that which our ego believes is best for us only to find in the end that the small still voice of reason was right again!

It can be something as simple as what shoes to wear for the trek ahead to something as complex as the navigation of a well planned trip. Those gems of wisdom are offered not as a controlling force in our free will choices but rather offer insight from an “all seeing eye” vantage point that on divine levels perceives all possibilities before we even have a chance to think; and like a probability analysis, offers us the best chance forward.

This intricate understanding that we posses assists us in the smooth transition of any chosen situation, if we allow it. Or, through trial, error and possible bodily harm we learn the inevitability of the wisdom that we chose to ignore. These “Life’s Lessons” are the building blocks of our ladder of evolution and sometimes the ignoring of the wisdom that is offered is exactly what we require to heed the wisdom. For in ignoring the wisdom the crash and burn experience may be the only way for us to take a stark look at the choices we are making and shake us into awareness of just how powerful and accurate our small still voice within us actually is.

When we second guess our choices, we actually orchestrate a situation within our reality that will assist us in really harnessing the awareness of the power of our intuitive understanding. The trick is to listen to that small still voice before we create a situation in our reality that can be potentially harmful to our beings and our life.

So, the next time you find that you are second guessing your innate inner wisdom, ask your self, which voice you are listening to. The small still voice of reason? Or the Grand Ego of Deception. It is your choice how you experience your reality.  So which one do you prefer? Easy or Complicated?

I know for me, after bumping my head up against the wall enough times, I am choosing the easy road downhill, the path of least resistance.

An so, until next time, happy creating.

Conscious Creator.

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Holding steadfast to your vision…

It can be easy to hold your vision when you are on your own and maintaining focus on those experiences that you choose to create without any apposing perspectives to throw you off your mark. Another thing entirely to maintain that vision when you immerse yourself in a collective consciousness that has a life of it’s own and has a focus that is directly opposite of the one you have.

I was recently preparing for an journey that typically revs me up with excitement and enthusiasm of a new adventure. This time around though, I found myself oddly fearful of certain aspects of this experience and did my best to maintain my focus on what I wanted. Part of the preparations for my adventure was to participate in a group event to fine tune some details to ensure a smooth journey. As the group event unfolded, I continued to spiral downward in an abyss of fear that I had been perpetuating for several weeks, unsure of why I was so preoccupied and fearful.

A presenter at the group event, in sharing his personal experiences as part of the lecture to assist in emphasizing his points was an instrumental catalyst to open my eyes to the culprit behind my fear.  Half way through the day and while on a break, I realized that I had been taking on the collective consciousness of the participants of the event. Perhaps it was the fact that during the break I was away from this strong pulse of fear, that was beating strongly on a subconscious level, that gave me enough space and self awareness to actually shine a light on the group paradigm that I had been hooking into for several weeks. Once I recognized that the group collective had catalyzed some unresolved issues within me, prompting me into the remnants of my own fear and preoccupation, I was able to embrace and honour those fears and subsequently “unplug” myself from the group matrix.

From that point onward  and for the rest of the event, I maintained my vision of clarity and focus amongst the heart beat of fear that many of the participants were immersed in. To be able to see so clearly through what seemed like a thick veil of foggy consciousness was truly a blessing. I was able to more acutely hone in on what the presenter was sharing and utilize all my faculties in a manner that served me best. To fully harness my understanding and awareness in the direction of creation that I chose to move in from a place of conscious awareness rather than from a place of unconscious blindness within the confines of a matrix that was stifling and debilitating was indeed a gift from the universe.

Had I not had the epiphany of awareness to recognize that I had subconsciously slipped out of my focus and fallen into a group paradigm I would not be sharing those insights here.

We often experience resistance and resentment for experiences that may have catalyzed within us feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and emotional upheaval, however, these experiences are key to our growth and evolution for in the recognition of those experiences that pull us away from our dreams were are able to see with a clearer perspective what we truly choose to create and experience.

I am grateful for having had this experience as it has offered me the opportunity to hold steadfast even more so to my dreams and visions.

Until Next Time…

Conscious Creator…

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Resistance is Futile…

Although we all have different ways of hearing information, integrating information and embodying information, one thing is common throughout humanity. This commonality is that as long as you are resisting what you don’t want, you will never create what you do want.

It really doesn’t matter how aware you are of your issues, if you are resisting your issues you are giving them power, giving them the energy that could be utilized to focus on those experiences that you do want to create in your reality.

Today I listened to an “Abraham/Hicks” recording on pain in the body. The main point I took away from it was that pain in a body, anyone’s body, is resistance. I was always aware that pain was blocked energy. On a physiological level. if there is inflammation in a particular area of the body, blood can’t pump through resulting in a build up of pressure inevitably leading to pain. On an energetic aspect, if the area is blocked the energy doesn’t flow through fluidly. I never correlated the fact that this pain and backed up energy was actually resistance. I always associated resistance to any emotional/mental/energetic resistance I may have held. Having contemplated this concept for most of the day, I decided to go apply my new found understanding with a bit of yoga as I was getting numb bum from sitting in front of the computer working on some notes.

Well, wouldn’t you know it…as I moved into positions that were previously in pain and that I had resisted moving into because of the fear of experiencing the initial injury pain again, I allowed myself to completely, and gently of course, immerse myself in the pain all the while recognizing as I let go of resistance, that those areas that happened to be rigid before, were opening up and melting away resistance. Even though there was a bit of pain, and certainly there was huge emotional release, I was very surprised to experience how deeply into poses I was getting because of the complete allowing, embracing and subsequent integration that occurred and seems to be an automatic result of letting go of the resistance that was being held in each particular body part.

I certainly was surprised to say the least, especially given the fact that I have been consciously creating my reality and doing my best to pay attention to where my feelings, intentions and awareness flowed and believed that I had moved mountains to get where I am and that perhaps the “pain” I was experiencing was just not ready to be released as I had more to learn.

Perhaps this lesson in resistance and letting go was exactly what my pain was waiting for me to come to terms with and recognize. Gratefully so, resistance is futile, (as Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek’s Next Generation experienced when he was transformed into a Cyborg) and will only keep you where you don’t want to be. So if you find yourself spinning and going nowhere, perhaps there is some resistance that you may have overlooked or perhaps you are even resisting your resistance. I know I was. And perhaps in the recognition of the resistance, you give yourself the freedom to allow, embrace, integrate, assimilate, and let go. You may just find yourself heading in the direction that you want to go with your eye on the path, a firm grip on the wheel, all systems go and all engines full speed ahead heading where no one has gone before…

Until Next Time,

Conscious Creator…

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